Time to pack the suitcases again lah

I’m travelling again starting Oct 13. It’s 2 weeks in Thailand for starters. I’ll be in Sheraton Laguna Phuket again – I see the meaning of understated luxury there. Nothing loud or garish. Walking across the grounds to have my breakfast in the villa area was like being in a part of the botanical gardens. The place is huge, and it’s good thing I’ve been there on a site inspection visit before or else I’ll probably be the only person ever to get lost in a resort property. Many places to catch a good tan like the beach or the serenity corner overlooking the lake. How about pool-access rooms for luxury; the poolview ground level rooms have sliding doors that open out to the patio, overlooking the sand pool. To relax, I just laid a towel on the patio floor and sunbathed there. Not only that, they also have the ladder into the pool – when I felt warm, I just climbed down the ladder (no diving or jumping in lah) into the water. And the pool cleaners – yum! Muscular, brown, with dazzling smiles! Desperate housewife? No! Desperate project manager! *LOL*

It’s Singapore in Nov for another week of project work, after Phuket. This time I’ll be in Regent Sg – we were in Hilton Sg in March. I love Hilton’s location; right smack on Orchard Rd, as opposed to Regent being on Cuscadean Rd – a bit of a walk past the tempting tattoo parlor. Maybe I’ll muster enough courage and get my belly button pierced this time. Hell – maybe I’ll get it pierced before I leave; it’s probably cheaper at 80 RM at Dragonfly in Ikano anyway. I had my 3rd ear piercing there early September for 6 RM and the silver stud looks and feels fine so far…

I’ll be in Penang for a week in December. It’s Grand Plaza Parkroyal this time. I’m getting the deluxe seaview room so I get to enjoy the balcony in the morning and evening. I was there last year, about the same time. 2 weeks before the tsunami. 2 weeks before I lost my precious travel pals in Phuket. 1 week before I decided to cancel my Phuket travel plan because my parents made last minute arrangements to visit us in KL. 2 weeks before I lost John to the waves; but that’s another story for another time.

All these meetings before the end of the calendar year. I’ve also got to fit a 2-3day meeting in Ho Chi Minh city between Aidil Fitri and Xmas. Next year wont be too hectic, I think. I only have Ho Chi Minh city in March and a few KL week-long meetings, and a couple of Singapore asignments. Hectic or not, I love it. I can always fit in some me time in every work trip. I’ve also learned to like my own company, and absorb the joy and yumminess of a vanilla pecan Haagen Dasz cone on an Orchard Rd bench!


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