In Phuket again

I arrived yesterday 11:50am local time – that’s 12:50pm KL time, of course. Since I had done my homework and visited this property a few weeks ago for site inspection, I already know what to expect, service-wise. But the place and the view still takes my breath away, especially since they have very nicely given me a luxury ocean-view room. This IS luxurious for me – there’s no way I can afford this room on my personal budget right now, definitely.

Speaking of the ocean, the beach is looking beautiful right now. The water’s blue-green near the shore here, and it’s deeper blue towards the horizon. The weather’s sunny and a bit humid, but we are expecting a bit of storm today. It’s a bit too hot to go down to the beach right now – it’s a little after 2:30pm. I’ll give it another hour and then it’s off to the beach to write in my longhand journal for a bit, and get a little brown.

It’s 3:00pm – I think I’ll go down and take a walk along the beach a bit.


What say you?

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