Wish upon a star


  1. mind-mapping my packing list for the next work-related trip; books and other binders, equipment, clothes
  2. finalizing list of references for my chosen contents of the pre-program work materials and process
  3. preparing certificates of completion for the group graduating from the November 2006 management development/training program
  4. in the middle of preparation for the grueling work on the training program development assignment due to start Tuesday Oct 10

Wish I was:

  1. lying on a deck chair with a gorgeous Speedo-wearing hunk massaging my bikini-clad body with SPF-6 sun tan oil
  2. enjoying a huge bowl of Penang prawn noodles or Ipoh kway teow soup with iced coffee or watermelon juice
  3. window-shopping in 1Utama for shoes (heels, casuals, new NIKEs)
  4. trying on dresses in Blook, Tangoo, Spade…
  5. having pizza in Pizza Hut
  6. browsing for ID ideas in IKEA
  7. in the gym steam room for pore and hair treatment
  8. in a salon for body scrub, massage, facial, bikini line waxing, upper lip hair removal, eyebrow trim
  9. having an Affogatto in Dome café
  10. having an Affogatto and pancakes and eggs and turkey ham with a few magazines in Dome café

Well –

a girl can dream, can’t she?


What say you?

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