Step into my parlor, said the spider to the fly…

Looks like the real design work for me starts today. After a good intro to the management course and the current status of design, I am beginning to understand the whole picture. I kept on wondering what was the one thing that I felt was eluding me before – the underlying concept of the whole training program pyramid from the most basic management course to the top management course. Apparently, there’s this thing called the ‘red thread’ that is the one thing that holds the learning sequence together, from top to bottom. Technically, the red thread is the correct combination of the key messages and the order they are presented to the participant. If I have a set of key messages and they are presented in an order that is not logically connected to one another and does not make sense, I am still guilty of not maintaining the red thread throughout the learning sequence.

So what I’m doing now is getting started with my work. I’m at the first step: familiarizing myself with the topic. My topic is motivation. Looks like my inherent attraction to complexity has displayed itself again. Apparently I have chosen the 2 more high-profile topics! These are part of the core ideas of the leadership topics – understanding motivation and how to motivate yourself and the people you work with, and I have also ‘successfully’ selected the topic of being part of a management team and leading your own team. Now I look back and think – what on earth inspired me to select this topic? Could understanding the subconscious reason behind this choice be one of the keys I need to get cracking on the right foot here?


What say you?

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