Splurge: Everlast. Save: Oriental

It’s been a long time coming, but finally I can cross several things off my list.

I think I’ve got most of the stuff sorted out – my new red Oriental punching bag will be secured to a strong hook and hung from the ceiling. I’ve always wanted to use that corner space in the living room and now I can. The electricians will be here on Tuesday to install the new airconditioning unit in my bedroom. The bed can then go back to its original place. I’ll move the dresser to a different corner of the bedroom so that my legs wont be pointing towards it when I’m in bed. I’ll be able to use my bedside table again – with my bedside table lamp and clock on it, just like before. I can find a lovely, comfy, corner sofa to put in front of the TV – a corner sofa that I can sink into.

I’m leaving the TV in the living room, for sure. If I bring it into the bedroom, my insomnia will never find its cure! I’ve decided to turn my bed into a haven for sleeping only. No more reading in bed. No more eating in bed – yep, my night bed is also a day bed / sofa for the time being, all achieved with clever use of multi-functional bedcovers – slip the comforter all the way up, over the pillows, place a throw / colorful batik sarong across the bed and va-va-voom! Instant daybed. Before bedtime, take the wrap off, shake/fluff the comforter, fold it back down the lower half of the mattress, and I have my night bed again, for my deep slumber.

I only haven’t fully figured out my strategy for the SoHo yet. I dont like to see the criss-crossing wires. I dont like to work from a cramped location, that’s why I moved my workstation out to the living room. I think I’ll decide on its location once I sorted out the bed and the sofa.

Merry Christmas to me 🙂


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