Sanctuary, and the aftershock

It was a little after 2 in the morning when C and I left the latest nightspot addition to the Curve. It’s one of those 4 concepts-in-1 place spots, called the Sanctuary. It’s a South East Asian cuisine restaurant, featuring Thai-style cooking. On the other half of the room it’s a pub/lounge, with DJ’s spinning the turntable from Wednesdays to Saturdays. In the corner, near the alternative exits (one of those doors with the sign that says PLEASE USE MAIN ENTRANCE) is a tiny ice room (box, rather) called the Ice Bar, that can fit up to 8 patrons in one time. The bar is supposed to be constructed of ice, along with other furnishings. It’s not 100% complete, so it’ll be better by early next year, I suppose. There are jackets on hangers outside the Ice Bar, with a bouncer guy stationed near the door. From what I saw, if you’d like to get into the Ice Bar, you flag one of the waiters down and tell him how many’s in your party. Then, he’ll come back and guide you there (remember the 8 patrons max at one time rule?) So it’s like having drinks outdoors during icy cold winter, I think. Not sure what the other concept is to the place that makes 4, but then I’ve never been good all-in 1 products anywho.

DJ was great last night – apparently, Thursdays are ladies nights, with the normal list of complimentary drinks for ladies. I had one sip of the vodka lime and decided to stick to my faithful cola. Felt like I was sipping dishwashing liquid – not that I’ve ever, but then I dont need to fall out of a plane to have an idea of how it feels, do I? DJ played lots of retro, and the mixes blend into each other nicely; not one of those situations where you’re left standing in between songs, guessing what’s coming up next. Looking around, I realised that I get get my kicks from learning dance moves to great hits in my gym classes. In clubs, not a lot of dancing happens. Just a lot of gyrating bodies, sometimes bumping into the wait staff and other patrons. But C looked like he enjoyed himself a lot so I just went with the flow.

I first saw him while I was walking back to the car from the Autopay machine. I thought this young man was walking the way he was due to a disability – but the weaving pattern he made was not due to Polio, and C confirmed it when I pointed it out to him. We drove to where the young man was slumped next to a car (it was his, we later found out) and after we found out his name, we (or rather, C did) helped him throw up a bit and cleaned him up. We got him to tell us who to call, and I spoke to his friend, a young woman with a warm voice, Charlene. She asked to speak to him, I told her that we’d stay with him until she got there. In the meantime, the young man, B, was alternating between catnaps and tears. Kept on going on about how useless he was. Poor kid. C did most of the comforting – kept on consoling him that his friend’s on his way to get him home and we would stay with him until she arrived. About 40 minutes later, Charlene arrived, with her friend Jessie. Both were polite and very concerned about B. Charlene found B’s car keys in his pocket, got the car park coupon and we helped get him into the car. She’d drive him home while Jessie followed in her car that they arrived in. Smart girls.

A few cars passed us while we waited for Charlene. Only 1 stopped to ask if things are ok. The rest just drove past. A security guard rode by on his bike. Gave us somewhat of an evil eye or steely stare, but nevertheless, didnt slow down. Hell – we could have been baddies who beat up that poor kid and were taking a break while he lay there, bleeding internally, for all he cared. I’d like to believe that someone would have stopped and checked B’s condition if we had not been there.

I’ll drag C into a Body Jam class next time.


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