It’s good to be home

Finally I am home.

It felt good to touch down in KLIA yesterday afternoon. Me and my stiff neck are just not game enough to travel any more. The moment I got on the aircraft, I inflated my travel pillow. I then promptly fell asleep a few minutes after the inflight safety instruction video finished. Afiq teased me about my pillow when he saw me packing it into my handbag. “It’s just a 40min flight- you dont need a travel pillow!” I didnt care – my poor neck and shoulders have suffered a lot from the seats.

Gym class tonight. There’s also this singles nite thing in Bangsar to which I was invited. I coud go, after gym class. I still remember the last time I joined this mix and mingle event; I said hello to a few people and then I sat quietly in the comfy sofa, sipping my drink. It was fun watching people though. If I could drag 2 more friends to go with me then we get free entry.

Hm. Maybe. Why not.


What say you?

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