Home Org – ideas and reference

MM made an interesting point about her hubby giving up on her handbag collection 🙂 I had a problem managing my bags too, for the longest time. Then, in 2003, I discovered Cash Converters – I was a member of the gym upstairs, and I’d always pop by the store to check the stuff out. Not only they sell stuff (their tagline is ‘Why buy new when slightly used will do?’) they also buy stuff. I’ve sold many bags to cash converters. Sure, it’s not an option to make money, but a little bit of cash is so much better than none, and it helps clear space.

Another resource for me in tackling wardrobe organization is a book by Trinny Woodall and Savannah Constantine, What You Wear Can Change Your Life. It helps me to understand that it’s more important to develop my own personal style, rather than follow the fashion trends for the sake of being current. It tackles the fundamentals: your body shape, coloring, lifestyle, bone structure. Stresses on the importance of good upholstery i.e. shape-flattering undergarments, before moving on to type of clothes that work and dont, accessories (bags, shoes that work with the shapes of my calves and ankles, and jewellery). It lightly touches makeup and skincare. The chapter on culling started my research on organizing my stuff and creating my walk-in wardrobe.

Project Wardrobe: Before

Project Wardrobe: After

I also have their other book, What Not to Wear Pt 2: For Every Occasion. This one provides examples of items that can work or not, based on the occasion you need to attend i.e. winter wedding, job interview (new), job interview (re-entering the workforce), summer wedding, beach vacation etc. I like it for the ideas it gives me when I’m packing for a trip. The second book’s ok, but I value the first one more.

As for home orgnaization, I love open spaces so I keep on thinking of ways to reduce clutter. Our family home in the east coast is the classic example of a hoarder’s heaven. My mum just cannot part with any of her stuff. We moved from the old government quarters house to the new government quarters block in 1980, and from there we moved in 1993 to the house my parents bought not far from the center of Kuala Terengganu town. I see that we still have pots and pans from 1979 (and the cupboard that they were in then) in our current backyard!

Just thinking about that makes me want to create a serene Japanese tea garden on my tiny balcony… I can see it now: ‘Project Balcony’….


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