Normal can be blissful too

Normal days are good days too.

I’ve begun to look forward to weekends, starting from a month or two ago. Saturday was interesting, started off with me shaking off the nightmare I had had the night before. Spent the morning watching a little bit of tv before going off to the gym to join a couple of classes. Came back in the early evening totally exhausted! Had a good night’s sleep from 9:30 pm till 2:30 am, when I woke up hungry. Made myself a tomato and cucumber sandwich and watched half an hour of TV before returning to bed.

Woke up this morning feeling almost normal – back to my usual self. Bought 2 newspapers and devoured them with breakfast. The short drive home after breakfast took me to a landscaping contractor a stone’s throw from my apartment. I decided to stop there. I loved the place! Bought a bag of tiny grey river stones and promised myself to return to get other stuff for my Japanese tea garden balcony project.

I was feeling pretty good with myself then and decided to venture on to join a gym class near PJ town. Had a great workout, and I really needed the endorphins. Rang my brother and invited myself over for lunch with his family in Rawang. Bought some yummy fruits over as souvenirs (I’m glad they loved what I got them), enjoyed a yummy home-cooked lunch and played with my 2 cute nieces for a couple of hours before heading home. Stopped by a cafe not far from home and met up with a friend for a quick chat.

Earlier this evening I heard from OC – he’s back from Tioman island ‘with a tan, long hair and a beard’ which meant he was nursing a red face and did not shave for 3 days LOL. I decided to accept his invite and went over to his place for dinner. We walked from Villa Puteri to this chinese restaurant and had kangkung belacan, kailan in oyster sauce, singapore fried beehon and on top of those OC had his sweet & sour pork. I couldnt believe they spent 4 hours in the ferry to Tioman island because of the turbulent waves. I feel bad for the people who felt sick – I forgot to ask him if there were many families with children on the boat. We couldnt finish the noodles but we certainly polished off all the veggies (and OC had all of the pork) Everything was yummy (as yummy as OC looked unshaven) and the walk back helped digest the food. He walked me to my car, wished me a safe drive home, and reminded me that we’re going out for dinner again soon, sometime this week.

So after this, it’s a quick warm shower and a good night sleep for me. has it been a lovely weekend? You betcha. šŸ™‚


What say you?

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