Ashita noh kioku

OC is going home to Hamburg Thursday night. I’ll be in the east coast then so I wont be able to see him off at the airport. It’s the Canopy Walk in FRIM in an hour – if it’s not open we’d go visit the Tugu Negara – one of my favorite places ever.

When I asked him what would be his ashita-noh kioku (memories of tomorrow), he listed down a few:

  1. times spent with Ben (ya Ben’s awesome, thats why we’re great friends)
  2. us cooking green curry together
  3. our trip to Malacca together with C

And he’ll forever remember us when he looks at the black and white Gary Quah print that I got for him. A snapshot of the KL Tower from a window, much like the view he got from his office.

Dirk, Nadine and Julia are enjoying themselves in Sabah. Eh – I just realised that the tent Dirk bought could fit all 3 of them comfortably. Wah – then Dirk will be in a great sandwich every night lah! Wow. Way to go, dude!

My friends – who’ll always be part of my memories of tomorrow šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Ashita noh kioku

  1. Hi Anonymous – I havent yet, but it is on my list of movies to look for. Have you? Do share what you think of it if you have.Cheers,Faz

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