Canopy Walk is closed for CNY…

Before going home, OC wanted to check out the Forest Research Institute of MY (FRIM). I’m not much of a nature girl, but I thought – why not – the guy’s going to go home to cold Hambug winter before the end of week! So we set off to FRIM not-so bright and early – about 11:00 am, but we managed to get ourselves there in good time. He really wanted to check out the Canopy Walk, but unfortunately, we saw a big sign that stated that the Walk would be closed for CNY. Since we were already there, we thought might as well we take a walk around anyway.

I parked the car near the lane that leads towards the canopy walk trail, and we both set off. His goal was to go to the canopy walk anyway, and see what else is up there. My goal was to get the hell out of there so that I could go home and relax or go to the gym for a workout and probably enjoy a steam bath after! *LOL* Alas – one long soulful look from those big sea-green eyes and I ended up saying “OK, OK, OK – let’s go lah…”

The canopy walk is at about 300m above sea level. It was constructed in 1992 with the aid of one of my former employers, actually, the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ). The walkway system spans about 200m and is suspended between trees at about 30m above ground.

I’m not kidding you when I say the trail to the walkway is uphill, steep and physically very demanding. Walking time, one way, is about 45 mins, depending on the route chosen and level of fitness. The average time taken for the round trip is 2 hours. I felt the temperature getting cooler as we got higher, but I must have sweated buckets all the way up! I was really glad we both chose appropriate attire (I made the trek downhill in bare feet half of the way though, because the ground was a bit wet from the earlier rain and it got rather slippery) We took off our shirts a bit higher uphill to wipe ourselves down! (Personal note: Thank God for the invention of the sports bra. Or else, no shirt-taking-off moment for me). The lovely flora and fauna are not just seen from the canopy bridge system, mind you – we saw many wonderful plants on the trek uphill too. There was a fern-like plant whose leaves were almost blue in colour, and the lovely mushrooms! OC took many photos as we walked uphill. And the lovely moss-covered rocks and the cool mountain streams; tiny trickles of water so clear and so cool to the touch.

It felt good when we got up there though. There was a small hut there and the door to the canopy bridge was locked, no surprises there. We sat down and just enjoyed the environment in silence. I begin to understand now why mountain-climbing is associated with achieving one’s goals and overcoming one’s challenges to succeed to the top. It was just a small hill we climbed, last Tuesday, but already we felt the struggle. We didnt expect the uphill climb would be *that* steep. I didnt expect my heart rate would rise so fast in such a short time. I knew that if I told OC straight up that I didnt feel too good, he’d take my arm, turn around and abandon the walk. But there was just something else there – the feeling that was beyond the normal thought of ‘let’s go lah – we’re already here anyway’. It was more of a ‘we need to get to the top and see if we can do it, and see what on earth is up there!’ kind of thought. We talked about this while we were relaxing near the bridge, and we both agreed that it was just something that needed to be done, one step at a time. Just like the rest of our journey in life, I suppose – one step at a time.

As for OC, it’s ‘Stesen berikutnya, Hamburg.’ He flew home on Thursday night.

Somehow KL is a little bit different without him…lah.


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