Sentimentality overload

Any perceived mushiness in any personal relationships aside –

Is it just me, or has there been a lot of sentimental advertisements on TV nowadays? It came on full force during the Merdeka month, if I remember correctly. I got used to and expected material from the usual suspects like the national petroleum company, the second national car producer and one or two telco companies; what surprised me was suddenly there was an onslaught of mushy advertisements from several finance services / insurance companies capturing images of senior and youthful citizens going around on foot or on by bus, smiling wistfully at the sky and elevated highways and helping old ladies cross the road while shielding them with their umbrellas. I remember being moved by the deep message that I got when watching these sentimental advertisements years ago. This year, however, I just dont get it. What I want to know is if the sentimental bandwagon is a big one – it’d be good to know how long will this sentimentality overload last. I long for fun and funny advertisements to return! Bungee-jump to get packets of Twisties or something – anything!


What say you?

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