Star Wars episode 1?

In her living room, relaxing after supper –

He: Why not? What makes you think it won’t work for us?
She: My insecurity I guess – in 10 years’ time, you’ll be just entering your prime years, not even 40 yet – and I’ll already be a dried up old prune in my mid-40s
He: You’re still using that I’m-too-young-for-you card? I cant believe this…
She: Baby, it’s the only card I have!
He: Let’s not think too far into the future then. 10 years IS a long time, you know. We might not even be around then…
She: Part of me says yes, live now, carpe diem; but part of me says what’s the purpose of me being with someone who doesnt want to be with me in the long term? What if I get hurt? What if I cant get better after you go? I want to let go, I want to love – but I dont feel happy investing that in someone who’s clear about only wanting to be with me for a short term!
He: Well at least I’m being honest, aren’t I?
She: True enough…
He: You think too much. You know that right?
She: And how is that a problem?
He: It stops you from living life NOW!
She: What do you want me to do then?
He: What do YOU want to do?
She: I want to be with you. Love you. Be happy.
He: I want to be with you too – love you, and be happy with you. But we really dont know what’s going to happen in the future, do we? I can’t say ‘let’s be together forever’ just blindly like that…
She: Where else has this worked, then? Tell me.
He: (concentrates on finding the answer)
She: (raises her eyebrows in a silent question)
He: I know!
She: Ok, tell me.
He: Queen Amidala and Anakin Skywalker!
She: (finding it difficult to stop the corners of the mouth to cease twitching in amusement)
He: It worked there, didn’t it?
She: Yah – right up until he becomes the most ruthless icon of the dark side and ends up in a refrigerator suit and she dies while giving birth to their 2 kids…
He: You pessimist!

They hug. The issue is settled – for the time being…


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