Celebrity or non celebrity?

Today’s chautauqua is about Impact.

My task was to source for a speaker that focuses on personal development. There was a ‘well-known face’ requirement to this task ie it’d be better to find someone who’s recognized by the audience. I had been struggling with this a little, until my team leader asked me for feedback regarding a popular speaker. Her question was “was his session impactful?” I think she knew that I didnt think (or more importantly, I didnt feel) that his session was impactful.

So, no more twiddling my thumbs. I spoke to someone I know who’s not a TV celebrity, but really knows his stuff. We’re talking about achieving maximum impact in the minimum amount of time. He’s spot on for the value that I believe is what the audience is looking for, based on their feedback much , much earlier. What’s in it for them, you may ask? I say, in this one hour, they will be able to reach inside themselves and hold on to something that inspires them to be positive about THEMSELVES. Hows that for impact. Heh.


What say you?

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