What am I attracting again?

After a couple of weeks of posting non-chautauqua thoughts, I thought I’d come back on track with one about awareness of one’s conscious and sub-conscious decisions – in particular, being aware of the voices in one’s head.

A few Mondays ago, I was happily walking from the carpark to my client’s office. Note the key phrase ‘happily’ here ya? While attempting to cross a lane, I accidently twisted and sprained my left ankle pretty bad. After a sharp pain, I continued walking. I had thought then that it was one of my somewhat normal occurence of ‘weak-ankling’. However, it’s already my third Monday today, and that ankle still hurts something bad. I’ve been curious about this for a long time now. Why the heck am I still hurting my ankle? What is my secondary gain for getting this injury again and again? Did I make a subconscious decision that people will take care of me more and pay attention to me if I continuously be sick and limp all over the place? I know for fact that I dont do that anymore. I know that the people who care about me just care about me and I dont need to put myself in ‘victim mode’ to feel loved. I am loved and I’m grateful that I am.

Remembering the Law of Attraction brought my attention to an article by the guy who wrote the book, Michael J Losier (he’s coming to Malaysia; I saw a poster with that info in front of Borders Curve earlier this evening – go ahead and Google him). There’s one that mentioned common reasons why you are attracting what you DON’T want. Among them are: Using Don’t, Not and No, Observing What You DON’T want, Limited Beliefs and Talking about what you don’t want. There you go. This is based on the debate that when you send out negative vibes, you attract negative stuff to happen to you. Am I willing my ankle to NOT get better? Aghhhh!!

However, as I’m writing this, I realise something. Aiyoh – must I analyse everything? I was walking too fast probably, at the time, and as I was wearing shoes that I was comfortable with, I probably was not walking carefully enough. That, and I wanted to hurry to get to my client. So I got careless and did not see the unevenness of the lane. So I tripped and sprained my ankle. So what. I’ll wear ankle brace, stop doing bodystep class and alternate between steaming and icing it, and I’ll be fine. I’ll just be more careful next time.

Sometimes, we humans think too damn much.


What say you?

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