Are we ready for each other?

I never thought the honeymoon period would ever end.
I always thought that whatever happens, I’ll be able to cope.
I always thought that I’d never need to even THINK of adjusting to any change,
because whatever the change may be, I’d be able to absorb it painlessly.

Was I wrong!

The announcement came and my ears and eyes are still ringing from it.

2.70 Malaysian Ringgit per liter. Even my SLK would feel that hit.

I’m ready for the public transport. I’ve always unconsciously placed myself in rather strategic locations to be able to choose that mode of transportation. I’d walk out of my apartment gate, hop on the feeder bus of choice, and go. Either to an LRT station, or to another stop along the bus’ route. Or I’d park my SLK at the park n ride LRT station and hop on the train with my touch n go card forever at the ready.

However, is the public transport ready for me? And the possible influx of commuters that could show their faces from tomorrow onwards?

Will the park n ride car park bays be enough for us?
or will we be faced with the operators shaking their heads and hands, with no answers to our frustrated question of “WHERE DO I PARK THE FRIGGIN CAR, THEN??”

Will the feeder buses be in excellent running condition?
or will we spend a good portion of the ride waiting by the side of road, covered in dust and grime, next to a bus that has the engine flap up, listening to the driver tell us about the ‘engine being from Germany and no one knows how to fix it’? That was their stock answer a few years ago, just replace ‘German engine’ with ‘German gear box’. Has anyone peeked at any of the bus depots? Looks like a graveyard for dinosaurs, nestled amongst kelapa sawit trees.

Will the bus pilots be fresh n timely fed n watered?
or will we continue to spend a good part of the bus rides waiting in the bus while he trots off to tapau his breakfast / lunch/ dinner / supper? Ya I know they gotta eat too, so dont diss me with the indignant remarks of me being human-rights unfriendly.

I’m ready for the public transport system.


They’d better be.


What say you?

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