Shipping charges? What shipping charges???

Finally, the book I ‘special ordered’ from a huge mother of a bookstore on the ground floor of the Curve Mutiara Damansara arrived. The book went from first order to being lost and re-ordered to arrival in almost 4 months. Hurray huge mother of a bookstore.

I trooped over there to collect it, Chris in tow. I think he had his fire-retardant underpants on.

I went to the cashier and showed her my receipt. As she handed my long-awaited book to me, she informed me that I would need to pay for the shipping charges. I felt my eyebrows reach up into my hairline. I told her, in soft, polite tones, that I thought I had paid for that already when I placed my order. She said no. I wasn’t really sure, and honestly, I was so happy to get my book that I would have paid the shipping charges just to bring my book home. However, there was a small voice in my stomach going “are you sure you want to just pay additional charges?” and I replied:

“Additional shipping charges? Can you please check that for me? After losing my order the first time and making me wait for 4 months? I should get the book for free so that your store and your warehouse will remember the lesson and keep a better track of the books ordered. Are you sure you want to charge me additional shipping costs? Are you sure?”

The cashier phoned some supervisor and came back to tell me that I wouldn’t need to pay additional shipping charges. I smiled my thanks and left the store with the book safely tucked under my arm (I don’t use plastic bags when I can help it).

Here’s what I learned from this experience:

  1. It is always best to keep calm. We think better when we are calm. Knowing that is one thing. Practicing it is another. I feel more at peace when I can conduct a conversation in a calm manner as opposed to picking up the nearest object and causing blunt-force trauma to the unfortunate sod who’s delegated with the sorry task of telling me the bad news.
  2. It always helps to just ask. Don’t feel that the additional charges are reasonable? Speak up. I learned this and also the fact that I wouldn’t be able to ask if I hadn’t been calm.

Chris told me later that even though he couldn’t hear what I said because my voice was so soft (I don’t do the screaming customer thing), he came over anyway, to make sure I don’t throw anything around. I think he learnt how to lip-read and didn’t tell me.

The book is awesome, thanks. Maybe I’ll write to Mr. Coelho and tell him about its journey from across the world to my hands 🙂


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