Is my money not good in your store?

A couple walks into a posh, high-end boutique in a shopping center in the city, intending to purchase a men’s suit. A floor sales staff member approaches them.

Sales: May I help you?
He: Yes. We’re looking for a suit.
She: We’re fine with off the rack, probably with one or two small altering here and there, maybe you can show us some choices…

Sales staff looks at them from head to toe, noting their VERY casual attire.

Sales: Well- sir, madam, I don’t think we have something in our store here that fits your budget.

Couple looks surprised.

He: Excuse me?
Sales: You see sir, madam, our more modestly priced range start from 10,000 RM per suit. Our luxury range can easily be more than 5 figures, costing in the material and tailoring.

Couple looks at each other, eyes wide, and mouths slightly agape.

She: Are you suggesting we can’t afford your suits?
He: Do you think we would walk into a place looking to buy something we cannot afford?
Sales: I’m suggesting you try out the boutique 2 doors away from here. Their prices would suit your budgets more, I think. They’re much cheaper than ours.
He: Well, I never…I want to speak to your manager.
Sales: I’m sorry sir, he’s not in at the moment.
She: Let’s go, dear. I don’t want to buy from this place anyway. What nerve!

Couple walks out. Salesman turns back from the main entrance and disappears into store.

What would you do if something like this had happened to you?

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