You had us at meow, Micks. You had us at meow.

Hey Micks – do you remember this picture? You and your famous tongue-out, ‘hmph. what took you so long to come home’ face, especially reserved for me, on that cold morning when I arrived from KL.

We don’t know when you were born, where you came from or who your parents were. What we know is when you arrived at our home mid 2008, you had been a skinny creature that would’ve been named the pink panther, save for your colouring. With cat food, Mawaddah’s administering and us fussing over you, you became our Mickey.

Mawaddah told me that a neighbour found you lying in the drain that February.  Mum still has her reservations about that story; she’s a firm believer of the first-to-the-scene-is-the-perpetrator theory. Quite interesting for someone who never watches CSI.

Mawaddah was very brave, you know. The fact that she didn’t call me right away with the news plus her extra casual tone when she finally did made me think that she loves you (yes, she still does) much, much more than she let on. I know she had many chats with you. Keep her stories, mate – she told you more stuff than she ever told us. Oh – and I knew that you were nodding off to sleep all those times you put on that wise old cat look.

I also think you knew all along that we were going to be the ones who became your pet. You knew you had us at the first meow, didn’t you? 

It’s October now & the house is not the same without you. The Kamaruddin family misses you. Hell – I miss you.  Rest in peace, Micks. May flights of snowy-white kitties purr thee to thy rest.


p.s. we’ve got a couple of young ones with your coloring. Not sure if they’re yours. I am pretty sure you fathered them though because they started doing the tongue & rolled eyeball thingie at me the last time I was home for the hols. Mawaddah’s taking care of them.  Are there any more little Micks that we should know about?

Picture: Mickey, warming himself on a car hood Originally uploaded by faz k


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