You can always touch the sky

I took this picture almost 13 months ago. Back then, I had no idea of the rule of thirds, the vignetting on the corners, spot-metering, depth of field or whatnots – I just pointed and shot. I liked it, I kept it.

I love this picture because it really captured how happy I was at that moment. I was lying on the sand on Merang beach in my hometown state, looking up to the blue sky that felt so near that I could almost grab it if I reached out my hand. To me, the vast sky was more about hope and preseverance than emptiness and pain. I’m smiling even now, as I recall that lovely spontaneous holiday – there was no one on that beach, it was like owning your own little private island!  🙂

Right now, I do realise that sometimes I think too much – making sure that I get the exposure, composition & other technical stuff right – and I forget how I feel; what prompted me to pick up the camera and look through the viewfinder at that particular moment.

From now on, I’ll remember.  And I’ll ask you to remember too.

So, how does this picture make you feel?


What say you?

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