Check out THIS work in progress!

I’ve love the WIP state. I’m not talking about a prolonged work-in-progress status for a project item that can’t be resolved, mind you. I’m talking about real, goal-oriented projects, which goes through pilot phase before being fully deployed. Here, I’d like to highlight, an effort by my friend Ibah and her husband, Fairuz.

The random, the bizzare, and the randomly bizzare

In her own words:  “We receive a lot of forwarded emails, articles, event reminders, group invites etc practically everyday. Most of the time, we share it amongst ourselves or with family and friends but we thought, ‘why not set up a website for easy finding?’ We would like to welcome you to our land of whimsical findings. A place where my hubby and I will share random stuff we found interesting that’s worth sharing.”

Why not, indeed.  There’s a lot about randomunky to enjoy. I’m fan of their clean, fresh design. Especially how the font, colors, images and white space blend harmoniously to my eyes. Content-wise, I’m currently reading a post on 10 bizarre places to visit before you die – just when I thought the people of Japan have tried out everything, I read about the noodle bath here 😉

Great conversation starters, these nuggets.  So, kick back with your favorite beverage, browse and enjoy the weekend with the randomunky. Visit them time and again, because they are a cool work in progress.


What say you?

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