Open that gate in your head, first.

Unlock, unload, unleash

I was on holiday the last two weeks. That vacation was basically about ME; no two-ways about it. The last time I went on some serious time-off for myself was in 2003. Yes, 7 years ago. Many things are still swimming in my head, but what I want to list down right now are some things that I have rediscovered and enjoyed:

  • waking up without an alarm clock beeping next to me
  • going to sleep any time I want
  • not wearing a watch
  • jotting down all ideas immediately on my notebook that I carried with me everywhere, every time
  • taking pictures when I feel like it
  • sending status updates to Facebook and Twitter via my BlackBerry
  • wandering around laptop-free; I WROTE down stuff, except when I’m using my BlackBerry
  • walking around barefoot for almost a week – I was on Perhentian Island. Shoes off as soon as I arrived.

What surprised me most was how much I enjoyed being out in the sun. I alternated between using tanning oil and sun block. Before my vacation, I’d stay indoors just because it was too darn hot to be outside. I’d eat lunch at my desk during weekdays and my first priority was to go for airconditioned places. Now, I not only tolerate the hot and humid tropical climate, I actually rather enjoy it.

The gates were really in my head. It was good to open them and step out. We need to remember to do that because the gates of our own mind are the ones that other people can’t open for us because the key is in our own hands. Think about it.

For now, I’m going to step away from my desk and walk outside. It’s lunch hour, and I’ll be damned if I eat at my desk ever again.


2 thoughts on “Open that gate in your head, first.

  1. Hey! Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Your FB post really came just-in-time. Good reminder, babe.

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