My new rule: People only work in the office half a day

Normally, we work a whole day in the office ie 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. My new rule says we only come to the office and work IN the office for the first half of the day ie from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm.

The second half of the day is for the team to continue with our work; be it content design & development, managing client relationship etc.

With this new rule, we can reduce our utility bills by at least 30%, and get connected with our clients more, because we’ll go out and visit them at their office, or catch up over a cup of coffee.

Why do I think this can work?

1. I’ve set up our intranet on Google Sites. We can access it from anywhere. The daily tracking task list is there for us to keep ourselves on track.

2. We collaborate. We use Google Docs and Google Calendar now already. Whenever we add a new meeting in the calendar, we send out invites internally and externally. We’re not working in isolation. Not consciously, at least.

3. We communicate via chat clients on our computers, and we already have a telephone allowance for work-related calls.

4. We already set up an Auto-Attendant on our telephone system. We can update the message there with numbers that people can call.

5. I’ve already set up our FB page, blog and Twitter account. We have yet to really use them.

6. We already use timesheets to track and record our utilization.

Basically, there is no new wheel to invent. This new rule will give us a huge opportunity to innovate the way we approach our work, and our life. It’s a leap of faith, because this only works great when we behave like trustworthy adults. Being adults CAN be fun though, so why not? My new rule can even help strengthen good character 🙂

Work expands to fit the time allocated to it. Enough complaining about how much work we need to complete. Let’s do something about it.

Of course, ideas are fun, but the key to success is in the implementation. I’d need to chart it out, scope the project plan and more importantly, pilot it first. But I’m going to start with believeing that this CAN work.

Because I’m in charge today. I make the rules. What about you?



2 thoughts on “My new rule: People only work in the office half a day

  1. Hey Brian! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 She’d say “scope the plan, draw up the proposal, show me what the pilot will look like.”

    I will make this my quest.

  2. You, my friend, are one of the best workers I’ve ever seen.

    And if your boss MN approves what you have laid over here, would be one of the best bosses I’ve ever seen as well. 😀

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