How to de-clutter your life now

Sometimes life can be overwhelming, right? For some people, even reading a book can be overwhelming. Or maybe that’s just me, guilty of starting the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in 1995 and still at ‘Begin with the end in mind’ today 15 years later.

If you feel that the world around you is choking you up the way the satelite debris is floatsam-n-etsam around earth in wall-e , your to-do lists probably have to-do lists. Which book do you read first? Which life-enriching article should you digest first? You may have a starting point but then even that causes hyperventilation. What happens then? What should you do? You should just BREATHE.  Set everything aside for a few minutes. Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat. Maybe what you need is a new starting point. A better one. Scratch that – it’s the best one you can have. It’s the starting point that is the beginning of all starting points. It’s called DE-CLUTTER. Hear me out here – the goal is still the same. You’re still working on becoming the best YOU that you want to be, that you can be. The only flexibility I ask of you is in your behavior i.e. in selecting a new starting point that could be a better one for you. And sorting through clutter is the best way – nay, the only way – to really know what you take with you on any journey.

I’d be going against what I’m saying if I give you a bullet list of what you can do to get started right? That’s why I’m just going to offer one suggestion that’s working for me. I’min the process of de-cluttering myself and I really want to share this with you. Set aside your lists, your Ikea catalogue and your self-help books. Just read this post at Zen Habits and start (or re-start) with Leo’s clean slate guide to simplicity. His guest writer, Jeffrey Tang, suggests a different way to approach clutter. To me, it’s a more permanent, harmonious way. Find out why your current organizing approach could be adding layers of dilemma instead of clearing your path. Stop stressing yourself out with the “do I keep this or throw this” questions.  In fact, stop reading my post here and go there now. We’ll chat again soon.  Take care.


What say you?

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