Simplifying life: making the clean slate approach work

Taking the cue from Zen Habit’s post on de-cluttering, I’m happy to note that I’ve already started without realizing it:

  1. I’ve always used folders on my Outlook work email and very recently on my personal Gmail too, to clear my active inbox.
  2. I’ve stopped buying new books since I became a member of the Kuala Lumpur Library in 2009. I’ve also started borrowing from the massive collection of books and magazines that my bosses Devin and Mary have at the office.
  3. I finished going through my images and after a culling process, I’ve archived them on my mobile hard drive.
  4. I’ve cleared up my closet and now I know what I have in my wardrobe, but there’s still a lot of work there because I still have lots of clothes in bags under my bed.

I’ve made good progress. I do have a lot more to go through. I’m feeling all right though, not hyperventilating or anything, because the next step is pretty natural to me now – it’s time to set the purge deadline. That’s vital in order to make the clean slate approach work for me. It’s already July now, so why dont I use the year to my advantage? I’ll give myself 6 months to keep all my stuff in storage before I get rid of them for good. These will mainly be my clothes, old shoes and knick-knacks under my bed and in boxes around the apartment. To seal that deadline, I’m going to announce a Garage Sale in December!

By the time I welcome 2011 , I’ll be clutter-free. A clean slate to welcome the new year. How about that?


2 thoughts on “Simplifying life: making the clean slate approach work

  1. Thanks! I’m gonna need all the luck I’m gonna get!! 🙂 The living room/Small office Home office area’s done. I’ll post an update soon 🙂

    p.s. The fact that I stopped buying books since I became a library member makes any new book I purchase more satisfying somehow.

  2. Hey dearest,
    I have always had a battle with clutter. But apa nak buat kan? Because..(in a Mak Datin voice replete with the fan hand gestures) .. Haven’t you heard that Creativity is a cluttered desk!? But we nonetheless, as Creators/ Artists/ Designers/ Consultants/ what have you, must get organized and keep the space clear so even more creativity can come in. So, yeah, I’m following your progress ya? I know how hard it is to be organized for some people and i believe in you! and hu knows if you could inspire me even further? Good lucks!

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