I’m falling in love with less. Can you?

Awareness is the first step to change, I’ve been told. And I believe it. Earlier today, I was reading Leo Babauta’s blog on minimalism.  These were the key phrases that have stuck to my mind:

Stop buying unnecessary things.
Toss half your stuff, learn contentedness.
Reduce half again.
List 4 essential things in your life,
stop doing non-essential things.
Do these essentials first each day, clear distractions
focus on each moment.
Let go of attachment to doing, having more.
Fall in love with less.

I went to the Taman Megah Sunday night market this evening and Leo’s first sentence rang in my head.  Whenever I saw something yummy or interesting, I asked myself if I really needed it. I usually ask myself that question anyway, but today found myself being more aware of my surroundings. It also felt more natural to ask myself if I had needed that new hair brush, those shiny bejeweled hair clips that were on sale or that lovely pasta draining bowl. Then I saw a case of beautiful red cherries. I am not a fan of cherries, except when they’re decorating my drink. These ones were large, deep red, and their shiny skin reflected the light from the fluorescant lamps. The cardboard notice listed the price: 45 Ringgit for 1 kg, 5 Ringgit for 100 g, and 50 cents for one fruit. Suddenly, I felt  I needed to taste the cherries. I didn’t need a kilogram, didn’t want 100 grams. I paid the man 50 cents and chose the shiniest one with a red color so vibrant that Snow White’s stepmother would wish she switched her poisonous red apple with my cherry (ahem) had she seen it. It was sweet, juicy, and everything that you’d imagine a cherry should taste like.

Now here’s the funniest thing. When I bought that one fruit, I told myself that if I liked it, I could always walk back to that stall and buy some more. After eating it though, I realised that all I wanted was just to taste it. I don’t know how else to explain this feeling, other than – that one cherry was enough. I feel that life CAN be simple. I can stop buying unneccessary things. I can focus on each moment and fall in love with less.

I’ll explore this feeling more, and share with you how the next six months will be like, as I have given myself a six month deadline to hold on to stuff that I have stored, before letting them go for good. In the meantime, I strongly recommend you experience Leo’s ideas too, by going to his website, http://mnmlist.com/less/

Good night for now.


2 thoughts on “I’m falling in love with less. Can you?

  1. Babauta is one of my fav 🙂 I’ve been a big fan of his since forever. Fairuz and I have been trying to adapt his way of keeping things minimal into our home and daily lives. It has been a fun adventure so far 🙂

    • I hear ya. I feel the same way – and my goal to get rid of a lot of my accumulated junk by end of Dec 2010 is a good one for me 🙂

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