Following my dream

For quite some time now, I have been fascinated by Italy. The food, naturally, the language, the history, the ruins, the people, the climate, the geography, the architecture – the list is almost endless.

Today’s chautauqua is about the importance of having dreams. I feel lifted whenever I think of myself going off to discover a new destination. For the last few years however, I’ve let the nature of my 3-year work in a German MNC ruin my own vision. During that time, I traveled like nobody’s business. I would jet from one time zone to another, and I enjoyed it. At the end though, I associated all traveling with work, and I crippled myself. I couldnt look out the hotel window and think fun thoughts. I would only work, work, work and rush home as soon as I finish my programs, tiring myself out unnecessarily.

No more! I will dare to dream now. I will remember how I planned my first few trips by myself, discovering new cities. I will focus on the joy of having the whole day unplanned – in fact, that WAS the plan – to plan the day as I go along! I will wake up without the alarm clock and do what I want. If I happen to enjoy doing the same thing every morning, I will do just that. I will just be.

And now I will go discover Italia. Prego!

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2 thoughts on “Following my dream

  1. refreshing article…tastes like some exotic minty chamomile that i just took on a day i decided to watch the sunrise, kikiki..;))

    • That sounds like a refreshing drink too! Be careful that some toothpaste manufacturer’s not gonna steal that flavor 🙂

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