RIP Benjamin McKay

Benjamin McKay, 1964 - 2010

I only met him once, but that was enough for him to make an impression on me. It was during our  photography exhibition, which he was reviewing for Off the Edge, where not only he took time to listen and converse with us about our pictures and what they mean to us, he also joined us for a late lunch after, where the conversations became more warm, honest & lively. The review appeared in Off the Edge magazine, and if you like, you can also read it here, on the Nikoners Club website titled Finding Beauty in the Muddled Capital City. What I remember most about him is, he called me a “young and impressive photographer”, which I thought is one of the most encouraging thing someone can say about me.

I borrow words from the Annexe Gallery: Born in Australia, Ben traced a colourful life and career that spanned the globe, starting out in the performing arts and eventually finding his niche in the world of academia and writing. Since 2005, he lived and worked in Kuala Lumpur and embraced it as his home. Here, his film criticisms and columns in publications such as, Criticine and Off The Edge were as loved by his readers and arts practitioners as were his lectures by his many students.  Mr. McKay died of cardiac arrest sometime during the night of July 18. Read Annexe Gallery’s tribute to him here.

Thank you Ben. Looking forward to your review of how things are up there. In the meantime, rest in peace.


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