Let’s have our own thoughts!

Flashback: I was watching the PRU (General election 2008) 12 results program on TV one night and one academician, when asked by the moderator, “What do you do think about this?” He responded, “I think…I have…my own thought…about this issue…”

As opposed to what? Having someone else’s thoughts, perhaps?

I understand the stress of thinking and talking at the same time. The demands of being articulate at all time – aiyoh. So, I may be a bit mean or petty for having a bit of fun here, but please forgive me – I just will not resist the lure, this time.

So here’s what I say.

I think I have my own thoughts about things too.

I think someone should take down the posters, now that the election is over.
I think the politicians who have now been forced down should take their families for vacation.
I think the warriors who lost the fight (and lucky enough to keep their heads) should sit down and write (handwritten, not berking computer-printout-ed) thank you letters to their teams who helped them on their campaigns.
I think these books are worth revisiting, even if just for shits and giggles – Jeffrey Archer’s The Prodigal Daughter and First Among Equals.
I think the new-elects should grab copies of BBC’s Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister DVDs and watch them. Turn the subtitles on to immediately increase your vocabulary.
I think scoring high marks in Sim City should be mandatory for town planners and town council officials. For aspiring castle-building city councillors, their practical exam should be the board game Notre Dame or the RPG Civilizations / Command and Conquer.
I think 4 years would be a good time to start doing some soul-searching.

I think it’s time for me to get me an ashtray.
I think it’s a good time to change to Marlboro Lights.
Oh, yeah.


What say you?

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