My call to action this independence day

Michael Jackson was born this month (Aug 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) and his work influenced my world in many ways. Among them, it inspired me to write my call to action to all Malaysians who will be celebrating the country’s 53rd Merdeka Day.  Feel free to sing, read, dance or attempt all to the tune that may or may not be familiar to you.


They told him membership fee’s cheaper this year,

Just come and show your face, oh throw away the fear

The hall is air-conditioned and the shelves are very near

So read it, just read it.

No need to run the librarians are quite bland,

But bring the books back late your money’s in a can

Soak knowledge like a sponge, and girls will think that you’re yum

So read it, you don’t wanna be dumb!

Just read it, read it-

No one wants to be illiterate

Showing how funky strong is your fight

But that just won’t matter if you can’t spell right

Just read it, just read it, just read it, just read it, read it ooh!

You have to show them that you really are smart

See two words – quit and quite – you can tell them apart

Tell them that you’re not loose, and you’ll never lose heart

So read it,  who cares if you’re an upstart!

Just read it, read it

Let’s improve vocabulary

No need to run for Dovstoyevsky

Just get a copy of  Body2Body

Read it, read it

No one wants to be illiterate (oh no)

Learn more new words, no matter right or wrong

Maybe one day you can write your own song

Just read, read it…… [until fade]

Let’s  add more meaning to being independent by opening our minds to fresh ideas and read more different stuff. Go beyond newspapers and tabloid rags, Malaysia. Let’s read.

Note: Malaysia reading statistics 2009, reading statistics 2006


What say you?

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