I’m pregnant!

…with ideas, approaches, feedback, voices, thoughts, pictures, words, and more stuff, like the picture you see in this post.

Have you experienced these moments as well? Like your head is just so full of stuff that you wish you can dump somewhere?

I haven’t seen yet the latest model of Pensieve been sold in the neighborhood hardware store, so I support the normal pen-to-paper method. What I do is:

  • I start with a blank piece of paper and a pen/pencil
  • I tell myself every sound around me is part of the soundtrack of the day
  • I write the first word that comes to mind
  • I continue writing down everything that comes to mind, & I mean EVERYTHING – jumble of words or stick figures or doodles.
  • I write them fast, non-stop, non-pause. I write them down as I hear or see them, grammar be damned
  • I stop when I notice that I start thinking about words or I find myself ‘umm’ing like “hmm – what else, what else?

I prefer pen & paper to word-processors on computers because it frees my hand & mind to focus. There are no squiggly lines that telling me to check my spelling.

Sometimes I see patterns from what I have on the pages, sometimes I don’t- I don’t care. To me it’s about emptying a cup before I can fill it up to the brim. If I don’t pour out some of the contents first, I’ll end up with a messy, overflowing cup. I brain-dump regularly, as a free-writing theme sometimes. Most of the time I do this when I’m about to start a new writing assignment like a script, a proposal, an essay or the like, just to clear my head.

Now you try it.


2 thoughts on “I’m pregnant!

  1. Definitely. which reminds me, I must get that same sketch book like yourself. I love it. My writing however has greatly suffered in quality in recent years haha (not that it was that great to begin with).

    nicely done Ms. Cocoonist

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