When you can’t tell any other human being…

…tell yourself!

Time travel, anyone?

I was reading ‘Secrecy versus Privacy’ on Geoff Talbot’s blog, sevensentences.com, & it was a very interesting post on how secrecy AND privacy can be great marketing tools for a creative’s work. While reading & commenting, though, I was struck by how much I keep things private via my journals.

A friend once told me that she threw her old journals away because she didn’t want to be reminded of her past. I tried doing it too as I was clearing clutter, but as soon as I touched them, I felt like being transported back to the time of the events in the journal. Rather like Harry Potter & Tom Riddle’s diary, but much less sinister.

You see that colorful notebook on the top of the pile? That’s my first journal as an adult. I was traveling solo for the first time ever, & having my thoughts as my own company made for a rather noisy trip in my head! One day, I saw that loud notebook (I felt like the colors mirrored the many voices in my head) & started to write everything down.

My first entry was “Never have I kept a journal longer than 3 to 4 days!” My first journal had the tone of me writing a letter to someone, maybe a friend, just like writing postcards or emails home while you’re traveling.

I filled it with:

  • What I wanted to do,
  • What I did every day, in bullet lists too!
  • Who I saw, who I met, where I went, where I didn’t go, where I wished I went
  • Postcards, pictures (I used a disposable film camera then, yay Kodak!)
  • ticket stubs, receipts of stuff I bought, restaurants that I ate in
  • Reviews, questions, stories I made up, stuff I imagined myself saying
  • maps, diagrams, squiggles, outlines of hands, fingers & toes!

…and more.

I settled into a routine of carrying my notebook & pen with me everywhere. I wrote down every thought, every word. And I filled many more books with thoughts that many of them have never been said out loud.

Writing things down in my journal keeps me sane. My journals store my ideas, my fantasies, my storyboards, my what-if questions, answers AND dreams.

What about you?


What say you?

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