How to get started doing what you’ve always wanted to do

Got 30 days?

Why not use your 30 days to do something new? It could be the more obvious things like things you’ve always wanted to do or even as outrageous as something you think you’ll never be able to do but would be freakingly cool to get it done (!)

Whatever your choice is, the first step is to watch Matt Cutts share with us how he got started in the 3+ minute TED talk above.  He’s an engineer at Google, where he fights linkspam & helps webmasters understand how search works. You can see that -and more- if you check out his speaker bio on

I wanted to do different things & I created the time I needed by going on a sabbatical from my consulting job. So for 30 days, I focused on making unprecedented moves. Granted, I didn’t have one move every different day, but after watching Matt’s talk this morning, I want to be more aware of the hours of my day & how I use my time. So below are the things I will do for 30 days from today, Thursday 21 July 2011.

I will:

  1. Take a photograph every day,
  2. Write a journal entry every day,
  3. Write down a question every day,
  4. Use simple, short words when I write and talk, at least once a day.

Pretty tame to you, I suppose- but we’re talking about 30 consecutive days here! 🙂

So – got 30 days?

What are you going to do with them?

6 thoughts on “How to get started doing what you’ve always wanted to do

  1. How is it going Faz? Have you managed to stick with your 4 goals everyday?

    I’m on day 2 of writing in my creativity book. It’s tough as I never know what to note down. But I shall persist 🙂


    1. Hi Ryan!
      Thanks for dropping by. It’s still going, and I’m writing a quick update post now. How’s your writing going?


  2. Faz – Aaaaahhhhh – I love this! Because you’re DOING, and you’re recording like mad, in 3 ways, no less: 1) in your journal; 2) on your blog; 3) on Twitter. It’s what makes these things so tangible – so real to us. You rock. So looking forward to what you share! Susan


    1. Thanks to you for creating the space & climate where like-minded folks can get together. I knew I’ll have great company on this #30day challenge.

      And we begin!


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