Finding purpose: Why it’s not just a fad

Finding life purpose is just one of those things we hear a lot during new year resolutions season. What is it truly about?
To me, it is about having a view about life that is bigger than just me. It is about finding ways to make the space around me a better environment for me and the people who happen to be in it, and taking action to create communities of people who are more forgiving, inclusive, and joyful. Leo Babauta, on his blog, wrote about it a few years ago. I urge you to invest 10 minutes and explore the post here ( His writing and focus on his life priorities inspire me to be clear about my purpose in life.

What I am connected with right now is to help people to have better experiences at work. I spent more than 22 years working in various organizations across industries before focusing on my coaching practice. In all those years (even until now, come to think of it) I see the importance of quality of relationships at work. The richness of the conversations we have fuel our lives. With most of our daily hours spent in the office, and commuting to and from it, these conversations and relationships take up a significant portion of our lives. That’s why one of my priorities in life is to find ways to get managers and leaders to work better, in order to bring out the best in their teams. I will be sharing more of my discoveries and experiences here, and I invite you to join the journey.

What say you?

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