Face Forward! #MondayMotivation

Whatever that will shape your life is in front of you, not behind you. Focus on the horizon. You have it in you to succeed.

I was part of an #IWD panel discussion recently. More than celebrating International Women’s Day, I joined the event to help the audience connect with their inner strengths. As a coach, this is aligned with the purpose of coaching, which is to empower another individual through establishing a firmer connection with their inner authority. To wrap up our session, our moderator asked us for advice to the women (and men) in the hall. My advice: Find something that creates a strong feeling in your stomach; a deep crunch in your chest. It can be love for your family, the joy when you see happiness on the faces of your loved ones, the warmth in your heart when you achieve what you set to do. Then connect with that again and again as you focus on moving forward to better your best. Because whatever that will shape your life lies in front of you and you have it in you to succeed.

While it is tempting to revert to what you did in the past that caused bad experiences, these moments do not help you move forward if you do not learn from them. Turning regrets into action plan is the first step to stay on the course of achieving that horizon you want. Face forward.

What say you?

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