Who are you?

I’m not talking about that song by The Who.

2020 is not just the start of a new decade. For me, it is also the start of a life chapter, with me starting work on a new project and moving to a new home.

Rewiring my professional life in 2017 took me out of the corporate setting into a more entrepreneurial way of life. Moving away from getting a monthly salary to project-based remuneration was daunting, and still is nerve-wracking; no hustle, no project, no income. Whenever I get into that funk, I would tell myself that I am looking at too many NOs – time to reframe that into a picture that liberates rather than cripples. So I ask myself – What are the YESes here?

So, from:

No hustle – no project – no income,

– reframe to a more positive picture of:

More time to recharge – identify opportunities – make new connections –

which has a focus on reflection and action.

A key thing to reflect on is how have these life experiences impacted how I think, feel, believe, and act? How has life changed me? HAS it changed me? Today I started thinking about this again thanks to what was printed on a table in a cafe. You’ve heard people say ‘we see what we want to see’, right? Well, while I was waiting for my early morning coffee to kick in at the airport (another early morning flight for a day at the client’s office) my eyes went to the text on the table in front of me:

Who are you today?

For me, I decided that today I am empathetic, result-oriented, patient and calm. That is for me to maintain my positive state for the hectic day as I shuttle across the country for meetings and workshops.

What about you? Who are you today?

What say you?

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