Welcome to my cocoon.

When I was a child, I spent most of my time doing three things:

  1. Asking loads of questions to anyone near me.
  2. Scribbling furiously in my notebooks while hiding in wardrobes.
  3. Acting out scenarios;  in silent dialogues in my head and out loud only when I was alone.

I think the only one surprised that I ended up a Management Consultant was me.

My life started to get more interesting when I turned 30. It started with a solo trip to Sydney, Australia.  It was the first time I went away on my own AND the first time I went on a trip that took me beyond the South China Sea. That solo trip blew off the lid that had, until then, kept my inner voices quiet. Listening to them, I’ve been more courageous to explore, experiment and live.

Since then, I’ve discovered dormant talents that I enjoy nurturing, and have worked with great people who give a damn about producing great stuff that are useful. That, in particular, connects with me.  I care about positive, creative energy. Not just care – I really give a damn about creating the right conditions and environment that make people happy at work and produce their best stuff in their lives.

And this is my space where it’s safe to experiment, create ideas, share them, and think out loud.

If you feel shy about leaving comments here, email me anytime. We can connect via my page FazForward

Below is my wordle.  It’s me, in a nutshell –  a capture of:

  • what I love doing
  • what I find find myself doing in recent years & realise that I enjoy them
  • words that I associate most with me
  • words that people who know me associate with me
  • the first things that come into my friends’ minds when they think of me
  • the first things that come into my mind when I think of me.

If you’re a wordle fan too, do share yours. I love them to bits.

Again, welcome!  Thanks for visiting. While you’re here, this is your space too. Grow your ideas, & I hope to see them emerge from the cocoon later like vibrant butterflies.

What say you?

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