Being pragmatic or settling for less?

Her latest update, via email:

‘ He’ll be 40 in September, very much a BOY in a grown man’s body. I’ve known him for years and we started dating each other exclusively for a couple of months now. Continue reading “Being pragmatic or settling for less?”

The rain is coming

I’m sitting here in the Senja Bay Resort cafe, enjoying my second cup of hot tea. It’s my third day on this island, and I slept in this morning, quite likely because I had a fitful sleep last night after the huge thunderstorm woke me up past midnight. It’s drizzling out there, and I’m waiting for the rain in the middle of the sea to reach us here on the island shore. Already the small islands in front of me look rather hazy, because a sheet of rain is curtaining them from my view.

As much as I enjoy my own company, I do miss traveling with someone else. I miss the seemingly-mundane stuff like asking ‘what do you want to today?’, ‘what do you feel like eating?’ Or ‘shall we sit outside in the sun for a while?’

I didn’t expect to feel that. I wonder what that means.

Attempting new year resolutions?

Check out what I found while reading’s newsletter this morning:

  1. I will not bore my boss with the same excuse for taking leave. I will think of some more new excuses.
  2. Just for today, I will not sit in my nightdress in my living room all day. I will move my computer to my bedroom.
  3. I will conserve water. I will take a bath only when it’s absolutely necessary.
  4. I will read the manual. As soon as I can find it.

 Add yours! 🙂