How to really get things done on a hectic day

It’s going to be a hectic day. You know that as soon as you wake up. You know the top things you need to complete. You’re all set to start. You approach your workstation – and see some new stuff on your desk. Notes on a proposal draft, request to interview a potential job candidate, a document to review <fill in the blanks>….

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Let’s welcome The Brainstormer!

Many days I use my lunch hour to discover cool tools that’d help me generate ideas and organize my thoughts better. Sometimes I hit a jackpot and descover more than 1 cool tool or places. This time it’s moleskinerie a blog dedicated to moleskine, journaling, and other adventures. The other thing is The Brainstormer. Andrew Bosely, The Brainstormer’s creator, wrote an email to moleskinerie:
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