How I’m using Twitter and Hootsuite to make progress tracking happen

What a trip the last two days have been. It started with this blog post about an inspiring TED talk & now I’ve connected with Susan Alexander‘s 30Day Challenge series on her blog, Good Disruptive Change.

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Are we integrating, like, really?

This post was originally published in Goethe Institut CityScape Blog

I wrote this post to answer to the theme of  “Us and Them – How does my city integrate?” Most cities are a patchwork of cultures. Some of those cultural groups may live peacefully side by side or with each other, others perceive tensions. Income and education, rights and privileges – are issues that determine the ongoing debate about what multicultural cities may constitute.


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Sex, in MY city?

This post was originally published in the Goethe Institut CityScapes Blog. I’m one of the KL writers.

The CityScapes Blog is an initiative by German cultural institution Goethe-Institut. It aims to make visible what unites us and what may divide us, to create an awareness for the necessity to act locally in response to global issues. It endeavours to research the human condition of the young urban dweller in the 21st century.  The CityScapes Blog is coordinated and moderated by: Goethe-Institut Australia and you can check out the updates HERE.


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