Face Forward! #MondayMotivation

Whatever that will shape your life is in front of you, not behind you. Focus on the horizon. You have it in you to succeed.

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Get personal, just don’t take it personally.

I shot this self-portrait 9 days after I got my EOS 500D, James.

Looking at this photo, I found it funny how the only time I can look directly into the camera lens is when a part of my face is covered. This relates to my own apprehension that impacts my choice of photograpy subjects. I tell myself that I prefer inanimate objects instead of humans. One day, my unconscious mind asked back, “what IS it about humans that make you avoid them as subjects?” Continue reading “Get personal, just don’t take it personally.”

When does getting up close become getting too close?

Do these come from a real peacock?, originally uploaded by faz k.

It took me a while to digest the ‘get too close to the trees and you can’t see the forest’ saying. While acknowledging the idea in that saying, I am aware that I do need to get close to something to see it clearer. Like in photography, for instance – Robert Capa said, ‘if your photos are not good enough, you’re not close enough’ – or something close to that. Continue reading “When does getting up close become getting too close?”