Fun stuff! Check it out :)

I stumbled upon this from a friend’s tweet, and haven’t been able to leave the website yet. It’s, a “webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language”. Here’s an example.


I love this one . To me it’s about how to hide something in plain sight.

Really entertaining. Happy to have found it.

#5 What you take out is as important as what you keep in

Batu Caves’s Thaipusam 2010 was an eye-opening (ear- & nose-opening too) experience for me. It was my first time there. Even though I’d expected there’d be swarms of photographers about, I was quite unprepared for all the lens barrels, camera straps, camera bags & other photography-related paraphenilia filling up my background. So, I did the best I could by shifting my angles and getting out of the way of the devotees, their families and other people with cameras.

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